nobody hates justin bieber more than drake bell does

I’m going to be really sad the day I hear Drake Bell got attacked and murdered by feverish adolescent girls

No it’s cool they won’t hurt him. He invited them to do it once and

my fucking hero

i fucking love drake bell

Drake fucking bell people


511. At Luna’s wedding, the whole of the front row of seats was reserved for apparently no one. Harry went up to her at the end of the service. “Luna, who was meant to sit there?” Luna turned her glassy eyes on him. “Oh, they did sit there. In a spiritual way, I suppose,” she said. She pointed out the seats one by one. “Right. That one’s for my mother, those are for your parents because I think I would have liked them, that one is for Sirius, the one next to that is for Professor Lupin - they were friends, weren’t they? - and that’s for Tonks, then Fred Weasley, then Mad-Eye, then Professor Dumbledore, then Professor Snape. I hope they liked the wedding.” She smiled and waved into what was seemingly empty space, before prancing off into the crowds. Harry had never felt so touched before.




I think that’s the best Head Canon I’ve ever read.



you know what i need? I NEED

  • The whole Hunger Games trilogy in PEETA MELLARKS’S POV
  • A book with JOHANNA MASON’S history, showing us her life and how she won the games
  • A book about FINNICK ODAIR’S life, telling us about his games and about how he fell in love with Annie Cresta
  • A book with The Second Quarter Quell, telling us Haymitch’s story, telling us how the Capitol exterminated his family after his acts on the arena

that’s all i need



This is my collage of tfios soundtrack remixes with quotes/pictures. Hope you guys enjoy!!!!!